Mandy – Idaho Fuzzy

September 27th, 2015
Category - Adopted Dogs

Update November 6, 2015: Congratulations Mandy! She’s found her forever home in Oregon! Here’s a pic of her with her new mom!
September 27, 2015:
Idaho Fuzzy - Rescue dogMandy is a “Idaho Fuzzy” and is under 1 year old. Best described as a cross of Wheaten, Airedale, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd. Bred by ranchers for their stamina and herding abilities. They are extremely loyal, eager to please, and adapt well to their environment. Can be high energy, and require daily mental and physical stimulation. Even with the hair she has, she is an average shedder and requires regular grooming. Mandy is good with other dogs, she is good on a leash, somewhat submissive with other dogs on initial contact, but warms up quickly. She is not a barker. She will need room to run and play in, and would love to go hiking or jogging. She is being evaluated at this time for interaction with children and cats. With love and attention she will make a loving and loyal companion.

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One Response to “Mandy – Idaho Fuzzy”

  1. Patti Berg Says:

    Could you tell me how much Mandy weighs. I’m on vacation in South Dakota but will be back in Idaho in a week. If Mandy is still available, I’d love to come see her.

    Also, I sent a note a few days ago about Faith, whether or not she’s still available. I haven’t heard back. Is she available?

    Thank you.

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