June 24th, 2015
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Update June 24, 2015: Congratulations to Lulu! She has found her forever home in Montana where she will live happily ever after :)

Update April 11, 2015: Look who got all prettied up at the groomer today!

The crew at Four Paws Bed and Bath did a wonderful job with Lulu! Since she was such a big project in so many ways, it took quite awhile to get her looking like this. Lulu would get so tired of standing, she needed frequent breaks. Now with the rest of the mats gone and her fur trimmed nicely, all washed and brushed, she’s downright huggable! And does she ever know it! She still has a ways to go before being ready for adoption, so be sure to follow this post for updates.

Lulu - Newfoundland Rescue Dog

Lulu - Newfoundland Rescue Dog

Lulu - Newfoundland Rescue Dog

Update April 5, 2015: Lulu is approximately 18 months old and has already had at least 2 litters of pups. The original rescuers clipped much of Lulu’s fur because it was matted severely, causing her skin to be extremely sore.
Lulu - Newfoundland Rescue Dog
Lulu is a purebred Newfoundland and was recently rescued from a hoarding and reckless breeding situation where there were many of these innocent giants suffering from hunger, no shelter, no veterinary care or vaccinations, and no love.

In spite of never having been socialized, Lulu adores people. Look in her eyes in the photo above. Can you see the love? This gentle giant has a heart as big as she is!

She only weighs 90 lbs right now, and should weigh closer to 140 lbs. She is currently in foster care where she will be socialized and taught to be the good pet she so much wants to be. She will also be groomed, well fed, vaccinated and fully vetted, spayed, micro chipped, and some weight put on those big bones.

If you’d like to follow Lulu’s progress, this post will be updated on occasion. You can either bookmark this post and return, or enter your email address in the sidebar of this page to be notified automatically.

Sponsors are greatly appreciated to help with Lulu’s care while she is being rehabilitated. You can help her by entering her name in the Sponsorship window on the right hand side of this page, and entering the amount you’d like to donate on the page that opens up for payment information.

Lulu - Newfoundland Rescue Dog

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