Freeway – Bearded Collie

July 9th, 2015
Category - Adopted Dogs

Updated August 15, 2015: Congratulations to Freeway! He’s going to live happily ever after in his forever home in Beverly Hills, California!

IMG_2339This shaggy soul spent several days along the freeway, scared and alone. Having learned in his life he cannot trust people, he would run from would be rescuers. He was finally trapped and taken to safety. How he never got killed on that freeway is a miracle. Paws 4 Hope was contacted and asked if we could take him in. With that heartbreaking look in those big brown eyes, how could we say no? He’s just a puppy, only around 10 months old, but his eyes are full of sadness from the short life he’s lived so far. It’s time for that to change! He might not realize it quite yet, but he’s now in the fast lane to finding a forever and loving home. You can help Freeway by sharing this post. If you’re interested in adopting Freeway and filling his heart with love, he’ll no doubt give more in return. National transport may be available!

Freeway is a Bearded Collie. Average weight for males is 65 pounds and up. They are loyal, protective, intelligent, great family companions, and very good with kids. Freeway is timid and is still learning that people aren’t  going to hurt him. Until you gain his trust, he will run if he gets the opportunity. Once he trusts you, he is very loving and wants to be right with you. He need a firm, calm, confident owner. He loves other dogs, and doesn’t seem to mind cats. Collies are a herding breed, meaning they like to chase. This is an active breed and would need a fenced yard that is large, or daily brisk walks. Grooming is required with frequent brushing to prevent matting and skin problems, or keeping the coat short. Freeway has an appointment with the groomer soon (we’ll post more pics then!), and he’ll also be neutered and fully vetted before adoption.

NOTE: To be considered for being Freeway’s forever home, please fill out an adoption application. The Paws 4 Hope rescue team only considers prospective adopters from these applications, not from the comments section of this post. The team looks forward to your application, so please click HERE for more information and to fill out the form. Thank you for your interest in giving Freeway a forever home!



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8 Responses to “Freeway – Bearded Collie”

  1. Jamie shuttz Says:

    We are very interested in freeway the old English. We have another one that looks just like him and he needs a friend. He would be perfect!

  2. Lisa Says:

    Please DO NOT cut his hair. Please save his shaggy look.

  3. Teri Says:

    Freeway looks great just as he is and I hope you only take care of the matted hair on his legs, etc. and let him be the cute shaggy dog he is!

  4. Cheryl Zweig Says:

    I love the look of Freeway, all that love in those beautiful eyes. We love our OES April 2015, we miss him each and every day, he was 14 years; we rescued Toby when he was 8 months old. Please keep us in mind for Freeway, we need him as much as he needs us.

  5. Marialyce Weinreich Says:

    Would love to give this guy a home. We have a five month old OES in need of a big “bruther.”

  6. Dixie Norton Says:

    We have raised a dog just like him. He was abused for two years and we got him afraid and broken. He is now 11 years old and the love of our life. We understand how to Love them back to happiness. We have 5 acres and a large fenced yard.

  7. Mary Kolb Says:

    We’d be more than happy to offer Freeway a furever home. We have 1 Great Dane (Moose) 1 OES ( Little Bear) 2 Cock-a-poos (Grizzly and Lola. All of our dog are inside dogs and very much enjoy their life of leisure lol. We have 10 acres and own 13 speed horses, in Marthasville, MO. Let me know if we can help in anyway. Would love to have Freeway be apart of our family.

  8. Robert Webster Says:

    Very interested in Freeway the Sheepie! We have another OES named Charlie! We live in Hollywood California and we would be thrilled to have him!
    Bobby Richard and Charlie

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