Copper – Red Merle Australian Shepherd

June 11th, 2016
Category - Adopted Dogs

Update June 27, 2016:

“He’s working out to be just a great dog. He and the cat are friends. It has taken a little longer with Ruby, but she’s on board with him now. They began playing and racing around with each other over this past weekend and both ride in the back seat together on the few short car trips we’ve made. We’ve taken Copper on a couple of hikes about two miles in length. Since his hearing is kind of marginal we keep him on a leash as we walk along. He’s a dream to walk with on a leash. We stop often for him to investigate things that attract him, he seems to thoroughly enjoy all the new sights and smells on our walks. Even though he probably hasn’t walked that far for a long time he came through all the exercise without any problem at all.

He’s physically capable of things that totally surprise me. I thought he would want to turn around on the walks or get really tired and need to be carried back but he just motors along – we are ready to quit before he is!

When we left for our first trip I opened the back door to the 4Runner and of course Ruby jumped right into the back, I turned around to lift Copper in when he went flying by me and scrambled all the way into the back before anyone could help him. That’s a very tall leap for a little dog – we simply couldn’t believe it!

We’re so grateful to have him in our lives – thank you!


Update June 17, 2016: Congratulations to Copper! He’s found his forever home in Mackay, Idaho!
June 11, 2016:
My name is Copper and I’m a red merle Australian shepherd, neutered male. I weigh about 27 pounds. I am house trained and leash trained. I know basic commands. I love people, and want so much to please. I don’t like fireworks and thunder makes me very nervous. I am okay with older children. I am crate trained. My family moved and did not take me, instead I went to a shelter where they were going to kill me. I was scared. They thought I was 11 years old, but I am only around 8. I am in good health, slightly overweight. I am still full of life and looking for a forever family to love!

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